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Check out our 1st movie! EMOE TVEE/S.T.F. presents #theCOMEUP Reality Movie now available for $10. http://shop.rapbay.com/dvds/the_come_up_movie_dvd also at all Dimple Records Locations, all Rasputin Music, Amoeba Music(S.F.), Underdog BayArea, j-Teez(Stockton), Barney’s Records, and autograph copies signed by the cast from me! Thanks for the support to all those who have bought a copy so far, and to those who will! Link in my bio #EMOE TVEE E-Moe @[133204156749428:Pay$tyle Music] #StinkyTunaFilms #IndieMovie #Comedy #Horror #Adventure #Stoner #FilmMakers #RapBay #NewRelease #Action

3 days until the EMOE TVEE giveback MUSIC VIDEO special discount ends on the 19th. Book your date now for half price at $150(Local) or $250(travel) for basic music video. Includes 2-3 close locations within 2 hours of filming. Add a Behind the scenes episode for a lil extra. Hit me ASAP if your interested! Want more? Extra cameramen, lighting, etc. available for additional cost. Thanks to those who have already taken advantage! This is one of the ways I give back. #EMOETVEE #MOBMARLEY #discount #savings #musicvideo #director

I don’t spend time taggin everyone in none of my post, but I would love for people to support our movie #theCOMEUP without me having to! In stores at all Dimple Records, all Rasputins, Underdog, j-Teez, Barney’s Records, and online thru Rapbay.com tomorrow 10-14-14! A lot of people tell me they’ve heard about or have seen the promo, so all I ask is for is the support for the hard work. It’s not easy tryin to step your game up from being a local artist, but this movie symbolizes me willing to go all out for #theCOMEUP! Thanks to all the people who have preordered, bought an advance copy, or to those who will buy a copy in the near future. This is only the beginning of a long line of entertainment to come! #EMOETVEE #StinkyTunaFilms Brian Mouer-Tozier Lenny Len

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